Lemons & Sh*t

Gratitude is overrated. I do agree that we have to be grateful for whatever we already have, but there is this one thing that keeps bugging me: why is it considered ‘taboo’ to express our ungratefulness in daily life? Lots of people will condemn us for whining about anything, as if ungratefulness is a sin.

Why can’t we be ungrateful once in a while? Complaining is not a crime. Without being unsatisfied, we would not be motivated to make a better progress. We all agree that life gives us lemons and it depends on us what to do with those lemons, but why can’t I both say “Damn you, lemons!” and make lemonade? Cursing doesn’t mean that we stop moving forward and being positive in life. By forcing ourselves to always have to feel grateful for every sh*t that happens to us, we program ourselves to think that we deserve the sh*t. Actually, we don’t.

Sh*t happens, because it is life – no need to feel anything about it, let alone being thankful. Sh*t happens, but we can always flush it and move on. Sh*t happens, either we be grateful or not, either we complain or not.

We don’t owe the world anything (well, if you do, please do some reality check and then make some improvement), so stop feeling that we have to be thankful for every lemon it gives us.


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