To ‘Yes’ or to ‘No’

We have often heard people advised us to always say ‘yes’ because they said saying ‘yes’ brings more positive energy in life. In some cases, saying ‘yes’ would open doors of unexpected opportunities we didn’t know were there. Richard Branson got it right – we must not be afraid to take chances because behind those closed doors, lay a lot of possibilities that would not happen if we are afraid to make the first step.


However, I would say there are moments when it is not right to say yes. Those moments are when you’re facing options which wouldn’t make you a better person, or to change who you really are, or to things that oppose your values. In such times, just say ‘no’.

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the majority, and if in the end we are proved wrong, there is nothing wrong with admitting that we are wrong.

Being anti-mainstream is hard, being different is difficult, but it is worth it. Be brave to stand your ground. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t always mean being negative – sometimes we just have to show that we have our own principles and values, and we stand by those principles and values.

(Anyway, saying ‘no’ has its own technique, so that we won’t make the wrong impression to others, how to make a point without discrediting others; and that is what we have to learn: how to say ‘no’ with style :))


In order to know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’, we first have to know ourselves very well, and we have to know how to tell bad from good, right from wrong – all these things come from knowledge and experience, along with the humbleness of a student or a lifelong learner to keep learning about anything from anyone.

Change is a must, and a good change is a change that makes us better humans, that explores all our good sides and bad sides, to improve the good and to fix the bad. Keep an open mind, but have the courage to be your original self. Be open to changes, but don’t lose yourself in the process.


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