The Joy of Not Having To Take Medicine

Today I learned about one thing I forgot to be grateful for: the joy of not having to take medicine (regularly) every day. Seeing the prescriptions given to the patients, which they have to take once or twice or thrice a day for several days or months or even for the rest of their life, made me realize that at the moment, I still don’t need to go through the same routine because I am – thankfully – healthy. I don’t really like routines, and I am quite forgetful, so I imagine having to remember to take medication regularly will be an extra job for me.

Today I learned that the things to be grateful for don’t only come from things we have, but also come from things we don’t have (to do). Happiness might come from having stuff, but it might also come from not having particular thing. If only we could appreciate things we have and things we don’t have, life would be much easier. Time is limited, but life is limitless, so stop counting our problems and start counting our blessings, because blessings are endless.

Some joy are too simple, we won’t realize until we lose them.

Why do we always count our problems instead of our blessings?
–Because our blessings are uncountable! 🙂


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