It’s Not the Problem; It’s Us

Every time I hear people say, “Thanks to the problem; it makes me a stronger person,” I want to punch them in the face. IMO, you should say, “I became a stronger person because I have faced and solved my problems.”

Problems don’t make us a stronger or a better person; we do. The same problem could happen to a lot of people and they would have different responses and different results. Some will succeed in facing theirs; some will fail and give up. Problems happen, but it is always our choice and response to a certain situation that determines the kind of person we are and who we will become.

Our choices define us – those are what make us different from others, and what make us a better or worse human being. And this is why we shouldn’t be copying other people, because an act of copying needs an original version, and the copied version will always be one step behind the original.

Why be afraid to be original? Lead your own way, create your own legacy. Every problem we got, changes us, and it is up to us to decide where the change will bring us. We can choose to fight and be stronger, or we can choose to turn our back and give up. Either way, it is not the problem; it’s us. Stop thanking the problems or whoever ‘gives’ us the problems and start giving ourselves some credits because we surely as hell deserve it.

It’s not the problem; it’s you.

P.S. writing is therapeutic; but when writing isn’t, singing out loud surely is.


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