About Being Different

People always told us to have the courage to be different, but they forgot to remind us that being different also means being treated differently by other people. There is a concept of ‘normal’ in the society, and if something doesn’t meet the standard, people would look strangely at it, or they would want to ‘normalize’ it.

It takes courage to be different—it takes courage not to follow the crowd and go on our own way. People will talk; they will judge because not everyone is open-minded enough to accept that people can still be different and it’s okay. It might be insecurities, it might be ignorance, yet it is better to be prepared than to blame others.

It is hard to be different, and it is hard to be treated differently, but so be it. It will be lonely sometimes, but you will never be alone. We don’t have to struggle to fit in if we have to lose ourselves in the process. Great people don’t underestimate or discriminate those who are different; they appreciate the diversity and uniqueness. If you are different, embrace it, because not everyone has the privilege to be different from the others.

Be different enough to make a difference.


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