Some Opinion about Some Taboo Things

I recently found this post on 9GAG, and no truer words have ever been spoken.

photo 1

We should stop blaming the victims of rape. We should stop judging their clothes or the way they act. We should stop saying that it is them who should know how to protect themselves.

In a case when a fish died after being fished, is the fisher to blame because he was fishing? Or is the fish to blame because it was fished?

“What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.”

There is neither philosophical hypothetical question nor answer in rape cases. A rape is a rape, a rapist is a rapist, and a rape victim is a victim. A rapist rapes voluntarily, and a rape victim is raped involuntarily. No one asks to be raped and we should stop saying such thing. The habit of instant-blaming needs to stop, and we should start focusing on what’s wrong instead of who’s wrong. Rape has no justification.


The same goes for the stupid virginity test that has been suggested by an official government in Indonesia as a requirement to pass high school for female students. There is no need to mention that such test is nonsense and anyone who supports the test is—in my opinion—both hilarious and hypocrite. Regardless of the result (of the test), the existence of the test itself is already degrading to women, which is why it bothers me so much knowing that there are some women who support the virginity test. Actually, it has nothing to do with gender discrimination, and I will not lower myself by saying that male students should also undergo the same process—I simply disagree with the test, be it for male or female students.

Another reason to discredit the test is because they said it is ‘to preserve the moral of the teens’ and ‘to prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS’ and that ‘the education [in high school] must not only include knowledge, but also moral’. This is bullshit. We cannot define someone’s moral solely based on his/her virginity, not to mention that we have no rights to feel more superior and go play the moral police to others. Plus, if they truly want to prevent the HIV/AIDS, I suggest they should start giving sex education in schools instead of making it taboo.

Outrage over plans to introduce virginity tests for girls attending Indonesian high schools – who would be prevented from graduating if they’d had sex

Thankfully, this idiocy has stopped and the plan to do the virginity test has been ceased—even though the practice still takes place in Indonesian female police officers recruitment.

Officials backflip after backlash over virgin test for high school girls

I can only see one probable cause if they insist on doing the virginity test: to monitor and to prevent sexual abuse in children, in which the responsibility (for the result of the test) should be on the parents—and not on the children. This way, parents are supposed to be more aware and careful in keeping an eye on their children.

Virginity might be important, but I think it has been over-rated to the level of ‘your virginity defines your dignity’. Virginity is a private thing, and no one should judge a man or a woman based on it. When someone values his/her virginity, he/she will happily keep him/herself virgin until the right time. If we value virginity, what we should do is to inspire teenagers to also value their virginity, rather than to threaten them with the moral and social punishment in which we play God to others.


“When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises.”
—Angela Merkel


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