A Note

Everyone whom we crossed path with would wreck us in their own way.

They would destroy us bit by bit until we no longer whole; they would break us into pieces, but we would still be able to love them with all the little broken pieces.

They would make a space in our heart that only they could fill, and it would leave us with a hole in our heart that keeps getting bigger each day.

Sometimes we would fight back and try to fix the damage they have done, but sometimes it is too painful that it is better to leave the damage unfixed.

It would hurt only remembering their names, it would hurt only looking at their pictures, and it would hurt only memorizing their voices, because those are the things that were once so dear to us, and they got ripped from us before we even realized that they existed and we would miss them so much.


Everyone whom we crossed path with would leave a trace in our life even if we don’t want to, because there is something in each person that makes them who they are.

It is something simple, something unnoticeable, something unimportant like how they sneeze, or how they smile, or how our name sounds coming from their mouth—something we might overlook until they’re gone and we finally realize what we could have had or what we and they could have been.

And when we finally cross paths with them again, it’s nice to know that some things just stay the same after long time has passed; that even though people drift apart, some things about them would never change.

And that’s what we would remember about them when we go separate ways, and what we would miss about them once they’re gone.

Because not every story has a happy ending; sometimes someone comes only to teach us a lesson or two but won’t stay, and it’s a thing that we should accept, even though it’s hard to let them go.


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