Demons Inside

I want to sit with you in the dark
In the dimmest light of the moon
Just the two of us, and the silence of the night
When there’s nothing to speak, and nothing to listen to

I want to gaze into the depth of your eyes
Because when it’s dark, our pupils will be dilated
Thus I wish to catch the glimpse of your soul
For they said eyes are the window to our inner self

I want to meet that little boy who sits alone on the corner
And try to get to know him more and more
Because his eyes are full of self-loathing and distrust
I wonder—what had happened in his past?

I want to show him that starting now
He won’t have to sit alone anymore
Because I will take a seat on the opposite corner
And he can keep me company for as long as he wants

We will just sit in our personal solitude
We don’t even have to talk often
For the silence is already enough
And people can speak through the look in their eyes

He may show me his fears
And I may show him my insecurities
So that he will understand
That no one lives without demons inside

Then he might finally see
That he doesn’t have to stay on the corner forever
That our demons are not to be afraid of anymore
Because all we need is someone to share our evils with

He might finally be able to see his beauty
And he will learn to see himself the way I see him
Because he’s a person who’s so dear to me
Yet I cannot make him love himself the way I do

I will show him that it will be alright
That we can walk on a same path, hand-in-hand
And I will teach him that the world can be amazing
That even if it has thorns, it also has a bunch of roses

He will learn that he might hurt me
But I might also hurt him as well
Because we cannot avoid hurting people we love
And that, will make us, us and will make them, them

I will reveal my scars to him
So that he can see that people can live with scars
No matter how ugly they might be
For scars are the memories that someone had ever been there

And someday, he will finally smile at me
Looking me in the eyes, he will reach his hand out
And I will take his hand into my scarred one
We were both broken but not destroyed

And when it’s my time feeling down
It will be him who search for me on that corner
He will be the one who bring back the light to my eyes
Because that’s what we mean to each other.


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