O Wise Man

Who art thou, o wise man;
The one who lent life;
To whom we shall return;
At the time of thy choice.

For thee I have loved;
And for thee I have sinned.
My demons belong to thee;
As well as my holy saints.

Can’t thou see, o wise man;
The deeds I have done;
The burdens I have carried;
The things I have sacrificed?

Is this love; is this love; is this love?
I would walk any path;
Climb any mountain, cross any sea;
Only to be worthy in thy eyes.

Cry me a river, o wise man;
For perhaps I am not in love;
That it’s loneliness I want to ease;
But there’s no one there but thee.

Show me the way, o wise man;
The way to end this desolation;
For I have been too long in solitude;
I have forgotten how to feel.

O wise man, o wise man;
In dreams we have met;
Is that what thou really art—
a figment of my imagination?

Have I gone insane—
because the lady ate the fruit?
Have thou gone mad—
because we have been here first?

My dear wise man,
Into thy hands I offer my fate;
Let it be anything thou wish;
Because I am simply delusional.

Bless me, o wise man;
Along the path of my journey;
In every step I am to take;
‘til it’s time to return the life that I owe thee.


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