Justice and Peace

Yesterday I passed through a local lawyer’s office, and he had this slogan on his name board: “Justice and Peace”. I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. There was something off with the phrase.

You cannot have both justice and peace at the same time; for they negate each other, just like free-will and pre-determinism annihilate each other. You either have justice where the law is fair and all people get what they deserve, or peace where all is forgiven and mistakes are not punished.

Justice is driven by the idea that all human beings have to be treated fairly without any discrimination, and controlled by several rules, which have to be obliged by all people without any exception—while peace is inspired by love and compassion, in which everyone treats each other with kindness simply because the love for fellow human beings (popular name: the Golden Rule).

The only way justice can coexist with peace is when people’s morality is already so much advanced that they won’t need any law to keep them from doing bad things to others. For now, peace is only an illusion created by the effort to maintain justice.


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