You Are Special

If a rock had the ability to comprehend itself, then it would have also considered itself as special.

We, humans, feel special because we think so. We, through billion years of evolution, have developed the ability to learn complicated things (or at least more complicated things than any other species could), and later, the passion and the capacity to learn about ourselves. The more we know about ourselves, the more we become fascinated with the sophisticated nature of human beings—just like the more we know about anything, the more we become fascinated with it.

We think we are special because we are different from other species, and because we have abilities which other species don’t have. Using the same logic, had a cat been capable of realizing how unique (and useful) its righting reflex is, it would have claimed itself as far more special than any other species. In that sense—yes—we are all special; the same kind of special.

Perhaps humans are the only species that are able to feel arrogance (which may lead to ignorance), thus condemn other species as less important/special than them. The fact is, every species has its own uniqueness, which other species don’t have, but they never bother flaunting the skill and undervaluing other species because of it. Everything that exists (or yet to exist) has certain level of complexity—depends on how far we study it. It is ironic how the result of evolution, dismiss the role of evolution in their success of surviving.

It is nice to finally realize that we humans are just as special as the other species, and we don’t have to invent theories to explain our special-ness or to make up stories to find the purpose of our existence. Next time you try to convince me that we are special because we are made so, save the energy. We feel special simply because we want to feel so.

P. S. you are special because you (and several other persons) think you’re different and unique and worth more than the others. It is a subjective (but wonderful) feeling which is not harmful as long as it doesn’t result in negative emotion or actions towards any other thing. You are special because for me, you are special.*

*an attempt to flirt through a sarcastic post.


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