Being Grateful For Bad Things

We meet a lot of people in our life. Some just stay for a while, while some will stay for a little longer. Some will bring happiness, and some will cause us pain. No matter what, there are always some lessons we can learn from each encounter with each person.

Sometimes, they teach us what to be.

Sometimes, they teach us what not to be.

Not everyone is a good teacher, but a good student can always learn something from anybody.

People said, it is good to have bad experiences because they will make us tough and strong. I disagree. If we were given chance, no one would choose to have bad things happen to them just so they could learn something from the bad experiences. Bad experiences, as well as good experiences, are inevitable in life. We don’t have to “be thankful” for every bad thing that has happened to us because they can teach us how to deal with shitty things. We don’t have to pretend that bad experiences are good for us—it is not the bad things; it is how we deal with them.

No one wants to feel pain or hurt willingly, even if it is said to make them better persons.

Please, stop telling us to be grateful for the bad things.


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