Moment(s) of Clarity

It is amazing how one single person can change our perspective about certain things in life. I cannot help but think that if one person can affect me so much, can I—or have I, affect(ed) others’ life, too? If so, I do hope that I affect people in a good way.

It is weird that all this time, I am the one who look up to others and wish I could be like them someday; and then one day, some kid came to me and said that she wanted to be like me when she’s older. I remember laughing and thinking, “You don’t have to be like me, dear. All you have to be is yourself—the best version of yourself.

And that was when I realized, that nobody has to be like somebody else; everyone just has to be the best version of him/herself, because being the best version of ourselves is actually the best thing that we could do in this life.


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