Oh, Honey

Honey, do you have to post it on your social media to prove that it really happened?

Do you need to upload pictures of beloved ones, or even strangers, being sick in a lonely hospital room or some starving kids in Africa to show that you really care?

Do you really have to ostentatiously show happy teeth and flashy events on your wall or timeline to validate your happiness; or sad faces and gloomy moments to get some sympathy you don’t get from real people in real life?

Do you really need to have an opinion about everything and take someone’s side in every controversial thing, to verify that you exist and you are a part of society? As if being neutral in a heated virtual debate is a sin. As if your unreal efforts can always make a real change.

Honey, is your social media personality your true self, or is that an ameliorated version/image of yourself that you secretly want others to see?

Do you really think that your worth is defined by the number of likes or comments or shares or RTs or favorites or shows or reposts or smileys that you get?

Oh, Honey… I really don’t want to be like you.


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