Time Doesn’t Always Heal

I recently found this article: Magic words to say when everything’s going wrong.
A great one. Worth-read. A wisdom, a truth.

Time doesn’t always heal.
Sometimes we think that as time goes by, the pain will lessen, the damage will be fixed, and the wound will close automatically. We think that avoiding talking about a problem will automatically make it go away. It doesn’t, and it won’t.

Time doesn’t always heal.
Time also decomposes.

Too many times we listen to people telling us that “everything happens for a reason”, and “everything will be alright in the end”, so we hold on and wait, hoping that by waiting, everything would fall into place perfectly—but sometimes it doesn’t.
It doesn’t always a happy ending.

Time doesn’t always heal.
Sometimes, we heal but with a scar. Sometimes, we don’t—and the wound would be left open and infected, and nobody would care, because they think we would survive on our own.

Letting time do everything and staying passive is not how we deal with damage; both physical and psychological damage.

There are only two options when facing a problem: face it or leave it.

If we want to face our problem, first we have to accept that we do have a problem. We confront it; we examine it; we diagnose it; and we treat it. And if we can’t, then we seek help from others.
Because time doesn’t always heal. Time isn’t that powerful.

If we don’t want to, then let it go.
Let it go and move on. Accept that sometimes, shit happens just because they’re shit, without having to justify that “everything happens for a reason”. Let it go. Move on. Flush the toilet and let the shit be flushed away.

Time doesn’t always heal.
Leaving a wound untreated and hoping that time, somehow, will fix it, is a waste of time.
It always depends on us; we always hold the power to decide whether a problem make us grow into a survivor, a winner, or leave us damaged and destroyed.

Because time doesn’t always heal, and it is okay because time doesn’t hold all the power to our life.

P.S. I was writing this post while listening to Michael Buble’s version of “You Don’t Know Me” (original singer: Ray Charles).


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