Chasing Demons

There were times I drew angels with beautiful wings and a glowing halo.
And there were times I drew flowers with dark petals and a lot of thorns.

I’ve been dancing in the rain and I’ve been crying in the corner.
I’ve seen my demons and those who haunted my past.
I’ve been broken and healed; I’ve been empty and I’ve been whole.

Love is always a beautiful thing, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or culture.

I’ve wandered in the dark and now the light is shining so bright.
I’ve been lost and now I’m finally home.
I’ve survived; I’ve chased my demons away.

Bret Stiles: “How are those demons of yours coming on, Patrick? They’re still chasing you, aren’t they?”
Patrick Jane: “I’m chasing them.”

–The Mentalist, S04E16, “His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts”


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