Am I a feminist?

Lately I have been posting articles supporting feminism in Indonesia, and it got me thinking, am I a feminist? I have always had a positive impression about feminism, until I heard about the femi-Nazi in the west.

Having lived in Indonesia has made me realized that feminism is still needed in my country. It is nice to see that many feminists have emerged in Indonesia. Feminism has just begun its journey in Indonesia, and more people are now aware about the concept of gender equality.

However, what will happen if gender equality is finally established? A friend from the west provided the answer, “When a society has reached gender equality, then feminism isn’t needed anymore.” Feminism in a misogynistic-patriarchal country is a good thing, but in a society in which gender equality has been actualized, feminism will no longer serve its purpose.

Demanding special rights and/or opportunities for women just because they’re women is not feminism. Forcing women to take masculine roles in society is not feminism, if they are not willing. Emasculating men just because they’re men is not feminism. Getting offended because men are being gentlemen is not feminism.

Treating men and women differently just because of their gender is not feminism, and an extreme feminism is just a reverse misogyny. Men oppress women with misogyny, but women oppress men and other women with extreme feminism.

So, am I a feminist?

I am a feminist, in term of supporting gender equality. I am a feminist, in term of supporting freedom of choice for all genders. I am a feminist, in term of supporting equal rights and opportunities for everyone, regardless of their gender. I am a feminist, until all genders have equal rights and opportunities in the society. I am a feminist, until feminism is no longer needed in the society.


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