Beautiful Soul

Dear friend,
How are you?
I saw you from across the road
You were smiling, but I remembered you once said,
Smile to make your day brighter,
So I knew that your day wasn’t so bright

Dear friend,
The world has numbed us, hasn’t it?
To think about all the dream that we had when we were younger and brave;
Knights and princesses; dragons and magic
It was hard to deal with the fact that
Sometimes our delusions are better than the reality
And dreams can’t all come true
No matter how hard we’ve tried; no matter how hard we’ve fought for it
And that it’s not because we lack of courage or effort,
But simply because that’s how life works
It’s unfair, isn’t it?
But, alas, since when life is fair, anyway?
And I knew you would agree that we’re just insignificant figments in the vastness of the universe

Dear friend,
What have we become?
You’ve got your insecurities, and I’ve got mine
And, boy, how we have struggled to live with them
Even when nobody cared, and we pretended that we were just fine
We are so similar—we are so similar in so many ways,
That it hurts whenever we’re together
Because I can see myself when I look into your eyes,
And you can see your past when you look into mine
Together we would be haunted forever for our sins
Together we would destroy each other and ruin whatever it is
That had ever sparked between us, if there was any
For I am too broken to fix others

Dear friend,
I saw you from across the road
And I braced myself not to go there and say hi
Because you were already smiling
Keep smiling, and stay true to yourself, beautiful soul
Because life goes on, and we have to move on.


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