Dear John

Dear John,
I have to disagree with you
If there were no heaven and hell,
People would lie about one so that they could have leverage over you
If there was no religion,
People would create one and fight over it
If there was no god,
People would claim to be one and condemn their enemies
If there was no country,
People would create war based on personal boundaries

The thing is, John,
We are all different by nature
And we could not help but notice the differences
And since we all are egocentric, narcissistic creatures;
We could not stand those who are different from us nor could we leave them in peace
For nothing matters but us—we destroy everything else into pieces
Alas, we all have one similarity: we love power, John
We, humans, have fallen in love with power since the beginning of time
Because we are so twisted, it differs us from the other species
That’s our sin; that’s our curse

We love being different from others
Because it gives us an excuse to start arguments and spread hatred
The chance to prove that we matter
Yes, we are that insecure, John 🙂
And if we win; oh the ecstasy!
For what’s more exciting than to stroke our ego?
All this time
We are not fighting for peace, or humanity, or for anything else;
We are fighting to win
We are fighting to feed the beasts inside us

God did not create us, John; it was us who created god
We created god in our image
We put his pictures on our banners
And we cry his name to ignite fear among our enemies
We have forced the gods to fight our wars
We have forced the gods to pick their side
Because, the fact is, we don’t want to share the world with others
We are survivors, John, and we want to stay that way
We don’t want to cease to exist;
That’s why we are afraid of death and created heaven

So John,
I don’t believe in a utopian world
For I have seen the worst of people,
And I have met the demon inside myself
And I know those were not dreams
I would gladly join you on the dreamers’ side
If only that could make even a little change in this world
But the world kill dreamers, John,
It kills dreamers, either physically or psychologically, like they did you

And so, I will stand my ground
While building up the courage
To dream about a perfect world
In which there is nothing but peace to share
To have the strength
To make this world a better place to live in
Like you did so many years ago
Dear John,
I know you would have understood
Because I’m not as brave as you were.

Happy birthday, John Lennon
You will forever be missed.


2 thoughts on “Dear John

  1. I hope this has set you free.
    But to stay free, you are then faced with the need to tolerate the views of those who don’t seek to be free.


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