Cheers to 2017

Another year has passed. Change happens every day and begins with us, and with a new year coming, we would face a lot of choices to make—choices that would shape our present and future.

As I grow older and more mature, I realized that in order to be independent, we have to start with little things, like making decisions on our own. It sounds simple, but in fact, there are many factors that could affect our decision making, and most of those factors are coming from external sources.

I know how it feels to have to stand our ground against others because what we think is right for us, doesn’t seem right to them. It’s an exhausting battle, especially if we’re going against our loved ones. The question is, is our dream worth fighting, or even losing the people we love? Do we have to sacrifice our happiness in order to make them happy, because they have also sacrificed their dreams to make us happy?

Every time I face that kind of situation, I tell myself this:

Well, shit, Sari. People may talk, and they will talk. They are going to give you opinions and suggestions and tell you why a certain option is the best and why you have to do that, but in the end, it’s you who will have to live with the consequences of your decisions.

So listen to them, take the good advices, but keep the final choice in your hand. Don’t let anyone dictate your life and decide your future, because everyone makes mistake in their life, and you, too, will make mistake, but when the mistake is yours, you’d become strong and wise, while when the mistake is other’s, you’d become bitter.

And hence I go with my life, not always happy, but never had any regret.

Here’s to a more adventurous and challenging year ahead! Cheers!


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