Have you heard about the tale
about the first woman on earth?
She was made so fair and pretty
that no men could resist her beauty

The gods gifted her with all the good things
and with those, also a little box
along with a message
that she was not to open or take a peek

She lived happily among men
until one day
curiosity got the best of her
and she finally opened the box

She knew not apparently
that the gods had put in it:
fear, terror, and despair;
hurt, betrayal, and pain

They were released to the world:
all the evils men had no knowledge of before
—all but one little thing
that would conquer them all

Oh, the chaos!
For the world was never the same anymore
Because the gods had sent the woman
to bring men to their fall

The woman,
numbed by sadness and guilt,
decided, that she, for once and all,
would atone for her sins

She went around
to find and collect all the pain and despair, hurt and terror, fear and betrayal
that she had let out of the box
and locked them inside her heart instead

In return, she gave them
the only thing that was left
in her precious box:

So maybe someday you would meet a woman
who roams the world
taking away pain and hurt from people
and giving hope to those who are in despair

If the day comes,
know that she wouldn’t open her heart to anyone
for she had kept the pain locked inside for a very long time
and no one could ever fix her from the damage it had caused.


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