Things That Money Can’t Buy

No, it’s neither love, nor happiness.

I used to be one of those who believe that money can buy everything, as long as we know where to spend and how to invest it… until recently.

The realisation came when I saw how some people couldn’t get others to believe them, simply because they have a certain history in the past. As we live, we build character and develop personality to act and interact with people—who in turn, observe how we behave and what kind of people we are.

These observations will form a general opinion about us, which functions as a pre-existing knowledge to guide others on how to treat us or how to respond to our every action. Once we create a positive or a negative impression on others, it will have an impact on their further decision in our relationship.

For example, I know I won’t lend any stuff to a person who has yet to return the money he borrowed, simply because I have deemed him as untrustworthy. For the same reason, I won’t trust a person with a secret if she has repeatedly ‘trusted’ me with another person’s secret.

That was when I learned that money can’t buy a good reputation.

Reputation is what we get for living our life the way we choose to—it’s all about our choices and decisions. The way we live our life, the sort of life we pick for ourselves, the kind of person we decide to be; these will affect the way people look at us, and how they judge us.

A good reputation can open doors, clear paths, and create opportunities that even money can’t buy. 

You can buy love but not trust. You can buy loyalty but not respect. You can buy devotion but not reputation. Remember, the boy who cried wolf died in the end because nobody believed him anymore.

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