It’s You!

I wanna be one of those happy, old couples
Always hand-in-hand, never seem to have any trouble
Skipping the town and getting lost in New York
Thought to be crazy by the rest of the folks

I wanna be one of those old, boring couples
Going to the same café every week, the same table
So regular that we are friends with the owner
And our favourite menu is memorised by the waiters

I wanna be one of those boring, sweet couples
Nothing’s special, but they didn’t see our eyes sparkle
When we look into each other’s eyes from a distance
And always manage to finish each other’s sentence

I wanna be one of those sweet, lovely couples
Wandering the streets with secret giggles
The ones you never see without each other
Sharing inside jokes, low-key naughty whispers

I wanna be one of those lovely, cute couples
Stolen kisses that still make my heart flutter and lips tremble
Because no matter how many times I have to choose
I would still, always and always, choose you

I wanna be one of those cute, happy couples
In fact, I don’t care as long as we are a couple
For without you, everything would be worthless
And every second when I’m with you is priceless

So maybe, it’s not about being
A happy, old couple or
A boring, sweet couple or
A lovely, cute couple

Maybe it’s not about any of the the adjective at all
For I finally realised
It’s not about anything else
It’s you!

Merry Christmas, everyone!
Wishing you a safe and joyful one 🙂


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