Two Dozen Lines for Valentine’s Day

This is supposed to be a poem
Or maybe several lines that rhymes
In which I express my feelings
Since I am better at writing

Alas, I don’t know where I did wrong
Because all my words are gone
Leaving me with all this mess
For you have rendered me speechless

Thus, let me begin with something simple
Such as how you are so adorable
Yes, I’d better start slowly
Since this is a chance so lovely

So, how about we take a walk
Fearlessly down the rabbit hole
Wandering, exploring the wonderland;
Does it sound like a plan?

Or perhaps we should just sit on the grass
An open space, counting the stars
Although we both know they are countless
Because with you, it is timeless

Hence, on this Valentine’s day I’d like to say
Roses are red; violets are blue
Even though my whole life might just be
A glitch in the matrix, I’m glad it brought me you ❤

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