Female, 1989, Indonesia

A mature in mind. A child at heart. A lady in making.

A skeptic.
An introvert.
A curious cat.
A sapiosexual.
A keen reader.
A free-thinker.
A fiction addict.
A proud Leonine.
A silent observer.
A lifetime learner.
A spiritual seeker.
A writer wannabe.
A hopeless romantic.
An adrenaline junkie.
A music and art lover.
A singer in the shower.
Realistic with a hint of optimism.
Needs solitude from time to time.
Has a thing for forensic medicine and psychiatry.
Enjoys looking at things from various points of view.
Believes in the trinity: science, humanity, and herself.
Tries to be free from any judgmental opinions, loves diversity.
Would rather being in museums and bookstores than shopping.
Personally thinks that “One smile a day keeps the doctor away.” 🙂
Has been wandering around, and is currently pursuing her journey on “the road less taken”.
Cannot stand: shallow-mindedness, hypocrites, fanaticism, irresponsibility, ignorance, idle hands, people who don’t queue and those who litter around.
Falls in love with: open-mindedness, kind-heartedness, honesty, intelligence, chivalry, elegance, good sense of humor, hard-worker, people who are easy-going and those who sing well.
Dreams including: travelling around the world, owning a huge private library, working for charity and humanity.


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