Wake Up Call [A YouTube Video]

I feel sad watching this 😦


Cheers to 2017

Another year has passed. Change happens every day and begins with us, and with a new year coming, we would face a lot of choices to make—choices that would shape our present and future. As I grow older and more mature, I realized that in order to be independent, we have to start with little … Continue reading Cheers to 2017

You’re not that great

Sometimes I questioned myself as to why I did certain good deeds. Perhaps I just wanted something in return. Perhaps because I liked the person(s) whom I did those things for. Perhaps because I wanted people to think that I was a good person. Perhaps I just wanted to feel good about myself for doing … Continue reading You’re not that great

Merry Christmas, C

Dear C, How are you? I’d always like to picture you being fine and happy somewhere, because we have never had any chance to say goodbye before we went our separate ways. . C, How long has it been? Four? Five? I still smile every time I remember us and our sweet, silly conversations. Time … Continue reading Merry Christmas, C