Free Yourself!

Lately I have finally found another good thing from watching TV. I watched a talent show and saw that there were a lot of participants there. So they began the show. And I was watching. These kinds of show usually entertain us by showing some funny participants, those who messed up and sang badly or such silly things. I admit, I laughed. And I thought, “If I were him/her, I’d rather die than make shame of myself by participating in such show.”

Then another thought flashed in my mind, “Do I really have the courage to do so? Do I really have any courage to participate and take the risk of embarrassing myself in front of a lot of people?” And I found that the answer was, “No, I don’t.” I don’t have the courage to take the risk. I realized that I have thrown a lot of opportunities, simply because of fear, afraid of taking any risk. It is human nature to be comfortable with static things. We don’t like things to change. We like to be getting used to a condition, because it is safer. Changes are scary.

So, why do we laugh at people who are brave enough to show themselves? Why do we laugh at people who have the courage to take the risk? Why do I laugh? I should be impressed, or even envy them! Because they are brave, and I am not. Sometimes we laugh to cover our weakness, and we make fun of those who are good, but deep in our heart we know that they are great. You don’t need to be ashamed of such things. Take the risk. Do whatever your heart tells you to. Free yourself from all silly unproven prejudices.

Once we realize this, we will not be afraid of doing something anymore. We are free to do everything, the hell with people’s presumptions and prejudices. We are free to express ourselves, free to show others who and what we really are. Those who are happy are those who are free to show their true selves.

“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like no one’s watching. Sing like no one’s listening. Live like there’s no tomorrow.”


2 thoughts on “Free Yourself!

  1. Yes. i like this post. My reason : it’s not about, silly, fear, etc. but may be it’s all just about our comfort zone. Banyak yang tidak berani mencoba sesuatu karena sudah nyaman pada keadaannya.


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